Based out of Orlando, Florida, Grow Lovely Photo specializes in natural light photography with a vintage feel. I aspire to work with clients that value tangible memories. Pictures are meant to be held; from signature linen albums, handcrafted wall art, and wood photo boxes. Grow Lovely Photo is here to capture your most precious moments and milestones so you will have beautiful memories to display throughout your home and share with your family and friends.

The moment our delivery nurse handed me our first tiny human, I fell in love instantaneously. He was perfect. I was smitten. I nervously snapped hundreds upon hundreds of photos on my camera, hoping to catch every moment I could. Just a few months later I found myself obsessing over the moment that was frozen in time through these images. How in the world did it go by so fast? I was just in that hospital room. My not-so-little 9 pound 12 ounce baby was growing so fast before my eyes into a chunky pre-toddler. I knew that these memories were slipping by and I had to begin to document them, preserving them, remembering them. I photograph babies, children, families, and couples the same way I would imagine my own life being captured; the little details, the bonds, the emotion, and most importantly the love.

Grow Lovely Photo was born several years ago, from love and admiration of the ability to freeze moments in a frame. Now, I am a mother to two sweet young babes so I know more than ever that lasting memories are so important. Aside from finding me behind my lens, you can probably find me with an iced coffee in hand, watching Christmas movies or chalk-painting some vintage furniture.